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Amazon Great Indian Festival Begins, Diwali shopping deals online at

Diwali shopping deals online at

Season of Festival begins in India from 21 September 2017 Amazon gives opportunity for its customer to buy their desired product at heavy discount. This discount offered by is only acquired by online, not by retail sellers. Amazon Great Indian Festival: Best offers and discounts in India | Get amazing Diwali shopping deals online at

By use of Amazon Pay and HDFC Bank credit or Debit Cards, you will get additional discount of 10% on your final bill.

There are some top deals listed here:

  • Coolpad Note 5 (Royal Gold, 32 GB) – M.R.P.: Rs. 11,999/- Deal Price: Rs. 8,999/- (Rs. 3,000.00 off) – Buy Here
  • Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 Tablet – MRP: Rs. 16,99/-, Deal Price: Rs.9,999/- (Rs. 6,001 off) – Buy Here
  • Samsung On7 Pro (Gold): Deal Price: 7,590/- (Discount of 1,900/-) – Buy Here
  • Samsung On5 Pro (Gold): M.R.P.: Rs. 7,990.00 Deal Price: Rs. 6,490.00 (Discount of Rs.1500/-) – Buy Here
  • Moto G5s Plus (Lunar Grey, 64GB): Deal Price: Rs.15,999/- (Discount of Rs.1,000/-) – Buy Here

For all discount and Products deal, you can check here: Click Here

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Best 4 Non-Tech Ways to Advertise Your Business

Best 4 Non-Tech Ways to Advertise Your Business

Advertise Your Business or Promoting Business only by Personal contact or meeting is not enough in current era. Every Common Person and Business Person should know your Business, it is necessary, you have to present your business on the web in the form of a website.

Top 2 Easy Ways to Advertise Your Business

  • Facebook Ads Promotions
  • Google AdWords

Continue reading Best 4 Non-Tech Ways to Advertise Your Business

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Pictorial Article and Comparison to Simple Contextual Writing

Pictorial Article and Comparison to Simple Contextual Writing

Pictorial Article

Writing with quality, but without picture or informational image is not enough for gaining more attention to our end users. A sincere person loves to read a quality article with the crisp of proof writing. But our world has some more number of percentages than authentic readers. I think pictorial article is a more accurate solution to bind non attendees’ parsons for our future article or blog. Elaborating the content matter in our top most pictures in an article may attract those persons who have some correlation with our article, but have some pre build confusion with proofing of content with having hundreds of other options on the internet. Continue reading Pictorial Article and Comparison to Simple Contextual Writing

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How Bulk SMS Marketing Changing the Scope of Business Promotion

Bulk SMS Marketing and Business Promotion

In today’s Marketing trend Bulk SMS Marketing is now a favorite tool to promote business products at mobiles doorsteps. Due to increase in trend of developing smartphone features and applications, people dependent on this little and sophisticated device. Continue reading How Bulk SMS Marketing Changing the Scope of Business Promotion

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How could you improve page SEO score with the help of Google AdWords?

Improve page SEO score with the help of Google AdWords

improve page SEO score with the help of Google AdWords
Improve page SEO score with the help of Google AdWords

Doing online marketing is very crucial steps for every business success. Google AdWords provides great opportunity to serve your business name and product to millions of internet users. Website for your company or company product is the identity of your Business. Every webpage has its own page SEO score in a website. When you apply AdWords account for your website promotion, AdWords suggests you many keyword according to its popularity and relevancy to your webpage. You can improve page SEO score by applying that keyword in your web pages. Making correct density of your keyword in every webpage, getting chances of good page SEO score is high. HTML tags play an important role in page SEO score well. Proper management of important keyword according in your web page is also very important.

For example, if you sell beauty product named “Facial Maxima”. You should place this keyword in h1 tag, h2 tag and paragraph tag accordingly. Now “Facial Maxima” is a main important product in that webpage and identify uniquely in your website with major search engines.

Google AdWords is a costly approach to serve the online marketing work, and doing improper management of keywords according to your ads campaign cost you major money loss with a poor page SEO score. Google AdWords has a huge website network around the world and so a huge number of customers. Every click on your ads tells how popular you are.

Read : Google AdWords and Facebook Ads: Which one is a beneficial choice?

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Earning Money on Facebook – follow 3 steps

Earning Money on Facebook -follow 3 steps

As we do familiar with the popularity of Facebook. Many websites going to tell you, how many people are earning money on Facebook. You can amaze by listening that the fact is true. Earning Money on Facebook is not an easy task. It is a time consuming task.

Here I am giving you some tips, how could earn money from Facebook.

Step 1.

Earning Money on Facebook

First of all you must have a Facebook account. Now periodically add more people as you can. Adding much of people can build your communication network stronger. It is not necessary that you only add your known people. Beware of the fact that Facebook does not allow you to send friend request more than 15 to 20 people in a day.

Step 2.Earning Money on Facebook - Step-1

Create an attractive post or picture gallery. This continuous practice helps your post and account to bind your friend’s engagement more and more.

Step 3.

Affiliate Program

Now try to register for an affiliate program, which is run by many monster marketing companies. Here affiliate program is a type online marketing job for you. By selling those companies products, you will receive some percentage of profit.Earning Money on Facebook - step-3

Now start posting your goods item on your Facebook timeline. If you have 1000 friends in your friend list then at least 500 will click on that item and among 500 at least 5 people will show his or her complete interest in purchasing in those items. Remember the item you have posted have some embedded code, which uniquely identify about you and your affiliated account history. If any person buys your posted item, you will receive a percentage of selling cost of those items.

Read more about Affiliate Marketing

Now it is only an example of its own kind. You can earn by Facebook by other means also. For example, if you have your own creation, and willing to sell in the open market, use the mention strategies. If you have an eBay account for a merchant, then above skills will be beneficial to you. Believe me, many people earn money this way.

Read More about Earning Money on Facebook

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E-commerce platform can uplift  People’s income

E-commerce platform can change common people income
E-commerce platform can change common people income

A better business network bounces you from down to up. But these things well suited for corporate people. The Market is very important to sell goods. Now we are living in online market age. Online Market is a place where you can sell anything online. E-Commerce platform is the key tool to achieve the goal of online marketing. There are many platforms like amazon, eBay and many others.

So how Common people can get benefit from e-Commerce platform. Many people want to start their own business. But they do not have any idea how to get a customer.

Here I am giving you an example. A person having the skills of bamboo craft work. Bamboo craft work is very rare in most of places and loved by everyone. Bamboo craft work is very costly due to involvement of mediator between craft man and the customer, like shopper and goods distributor. And this is a big reason of craft man gets very less money. E-Commerce platform is a very promising place where craft man can sell their craft directly to the customer. A craft man only needs to fill the form of seller on those e-Commerce platforms and fulfill some common requirement. E-commerce platform may charge some little amount of craft man profit. In this way, craft man can control the goods price and customers get their goods at the proper price.,, and are the some big e-commerce platform, where you can start your own business. Remember, you can not only sell crafty goods here, but those all the things which are required by common people. In India some people start selling buffalo on eBay, so why not you can.

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Online business ideas which can be started from your home

Online business ideas which can be started from your home

Money is the prime matter to live and enjoy in today’s world. Fulfilling common needs is not enough today. People want to grow and earn more early. Here I am suggesting some tips on Online business ideas to earn some extra money, so you can do what desire you have.

Online business ideas
Online business ideas

My suggestion for new online business clearly depends upon your area of interest. My suggestion is to never do the business which was influenced by your neighbor profit. Online business is never an easy task. It can be driven from your house with single person engagement.

My first suggestion is to take a stress less one hour or one whole day. Evaluate yourself about your interest, hobbies and current job profile. During the evaluation time makes a check on what can you do in the most controlled manner. For example, you can teach any specific age group, can make a different variety of food, can gather local information from newspaper and information directory and can write about them.

Now second suggestion is to apply your interest in your online business. How?

If you can teach some special group of persons, like class 5 to 6 standers. You can prepare online tutorial material. If you are good in cooking, you can prepare kitchen recipes. Or you are a better net surfer you can do multitask for information gathering and publishing system online. So, how you can get money online? The answer is simple: your information popularity will earn money for yourself. Advertisement publishing is the key role played in earning revenue.

Total Input Cost for startup: 0$ to 100$

For free blogging website, you can join Google bloggers and WordPress. They offer a free account for blogging platform. Another way is to get a domain name from any web hosting company and host website from there. Hosting packages provide some inbuilt content management system, from where can you make your own classified website or blogging website. OpenClass is best for classified website and WordPress is better for blogging website. They offer good website themes and plugins.

Online Business Suggestion 1: Classified Website

Gathering information from your local area or city and publish it on the net. Classified websites are used for doing online advertisement, business promotion, business listing and for making information directory system. Google Adsense, BidVertiser and Infolinks are online companies from you can ask to take ads and publish on your website. They offer a good revenue return on publishing their ads to your website.

Examples of Classified Websites are:

  1. JustDial
  2. Craigslist

Online Business Suggestion 2: Blogging

If you have great skills of writing, then blogging is a best option to earn money online. Suppose you have enough knowledge about cooking, then you can write many dish recipes and publish on your blogging web portal (websites). In the world, peoples likes to eat very extraordinary food and so that they have to prepare it. Your guidance will fulfill their needs. Popularity of your blog post is very important. So I suggest you to keep writing in unique way. Google AdSense, BidVertiser, Infolinks are online companies from you can ask to take ads and publish on your website. They offer good revenue return on publishing their ads to your website.  Here are some examples

Online Advertisement Operator: Google AdSense, Bidvertiser, Infolinks or from affiliation program)

Earning statistics: 1000 visitor/day = $ 10 approx. (per day).

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Image Sitemap: Ranked Well in Search Engine results

Image Sitemap: Ranked Well in Search Engine results

Image Sitemap: Ranked Well in Search Engine results
Image Sitemap: Ranked Well in Search Engine results

Image Sitemap are very important to your website. Images are very important part of the web page. It’s not only contains presentation about your page, but also contains a description of your information. Sitemap are an important part of search engine. The mentioned URL in sitemap helps web crawler to discover your page content more appropriately. Spider engine or web crawler does not recognize plain images in the pages. If you include a URL of the images in a sitemap, you could receive better benefits from search engines.

Many end users enquiring about images every day to understand some concept. Google Image search engine or Yahoo! Image search engine collects information from the indexed web page from different URLs according to web page ranking quality. If your web page image does not seem there, then your page having some negative point of web ranking. If you are a blogger and web designer too, images will describe the quality of your website and creativity of the author. It helps in establishing a brand value to you and your website.

Read the concept of image on Google: Adding Images to your Sitemaps

There are many online web applications, which give free services to generate a sitemap for your website. Like generates a sitemap for free but with some limitations.

But free image sitemap creator is very rare on internet. I found one to use for free, you can also try this. Please follow the link:

If you are using WordPress for a blog or for your business website, there is some plugin which creates image sitemap as well as page sitemap for free. WordPress Plugins by Yoast is a free SEO plugin which creates sitemap for images as well as post and page. There are many plugins available for free from which you can generate images sitemap in WordPress website.

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Link Building: A better approach for web ranking

Link Building: A better approach for web ranking

Link Building means increasing the quality of web page via inbound Links ( Backlinks) and outbound links. It is a part of SEO. It also affects your web PageRank and trust of content in that page. Better website inbound link acts better way to rank your page in search engines.Link Building

Backlinks or Inbound Links

Backlinks are your web page link which might be posted on another website. You can create backlinks by being a guest author on another website blog or by simply paste your web page URL in Facebook, twitter or Google social platform.

Outbound Links

Outbound links are very effective links for your web page content validity. While writing your blog or any information to website, must give references to other website. This way you can count the trust of visitors. Search engine never put your page in spam post and ranking goes better. You can apply anchor tags for your main keyword for outbound linking. This is affective way to make outbound link in your web page.

PageRank is very important to appear in first position in search result. Making Link building is not enough for website promotion. To Know how to promote your website, follow the link: Promoting Business Online.