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Pictorial Article and Comparison to Simple Contextual Writing

Pictorial Article and Comparison to Simple Contextual Writing

Pictorial Article

Writing with quality, but without picture or informational image is not enough for gaining more attention to our end users. A sincere person loves to read a quality article with the crisp of proof writing. But our world has some more number of percentages than authentic readers. I think pictorial article is a more accurate solution to bind non attendees’ parsons for our future article or blog. Elaborating the content matter in our top most pictures in an article may attract those persons who have some correlation with our article, but have some pre build confusion with proofing of content with having hundreds of other options on the internet.

No doubt, Pictorial Article Makes gains more attention than simple contextual writing. Because the picture in our pictorial article has summery or glimpse of content, users will be eager to know what will be going to the next section. Making of landing picture for any pictorial article is not a simple task as we have assumed. It requires allot of knowledge of color and right figures to sketch or paste.

I want to say here, we have millions of users on internet. Everyone has their own flavor and assumptions. Now if any person going to find some information on the internet, or will serve millions of option. If any landing picture from search result will not able to attract him, we will lose the chance and confidence of that user in our article. Making a correct picture for our pictorial article is a very challenging job and should be required a lot of texture according to flavor of our future reader.