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Best HTML CSS Framework for Beginners

Best HTML CSS Framework for Beginners

Responsive design is a current and ongoing market trend in The Market. Because it’s mobile friendly behavior, it will dominate the previous fluid and non-responsive design. On internet you will find more than 10 best frameworks, but which going to useful is some bit difficult to choose. Here I am suggesting best HTML CSS framework for a beginner is Bootstrap framework developed by Twitter Inc.

Best HTML CSS Framework for Beginners
The Best HTML CSS Framework

If you are a beginner, then Bootstrap is a best HTML CSS framework to learn and apply. If you are already familiar with HTML5 and CSS concept, then it will be easier to learn Bootstrap. An average front end developer can make understanding of the Bootstrap framework within 4 hours. If I can do it, then why you cannot. If you are searching for easy tutorial to read Bootstrap framework then you can must follow the tutorial on W3school. Here every step is very simple to study and implement. You can also implement Glyphicons icon by using bootstrap CSS file. There are 200 glyphicon icons you can use in Bootstrap. Font Awesome provides beautiful social media icons.

Why to use HTML CSS Framework

  • Minimize coding time for Front-end development
  • Making website mobile friendly
  • Helps in Online Marketing
  • Batter search engine listing results
  • For code and image optimization


  • Responsive layout features
  • Powerful and easy grid system
  • Pre build html code for alignment, button color, Jumbotron, dropdown split button, dropdown list item etc.
  • Pre build Responsive carousel
  • Best loading time compared to other best HTML CSS Framework list.
  • Rewritten JQuery for easy implementation

Other Four Best HTML CSS Framework

  • Boilerplate
  • Foundation
  • Skeleton
  • Less Framework
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Earning Money on Facebook – follow 3 steps

Earning Money on Facebook -follow 3 steps

As we do familiar with the popularity of Facebook. Many websites going to tell you, how many people are earning money on Facebook. You can amaze by listening that the fact is true. Earning Money on Facebook is not an easy task. It is a time consuming task.

Here I am giving you some tips, how could earn money from Facebook.

Step 1.

Earning Money on Facebook

First of all you must have a Facebook account. Now periodically add more people as you can. Adding much of people can build your communication network stronger. It is not necessary that you only add your known people. Beware of the fact that Facebook does not allow you to send friend request more than 15 to 20 people in a day.

Step 2.Earning Money on Facebook - Step-1

Create an attractive post or picture gallery. This continuous practice helps your post and account to bind your friend’s engagement more and more.

Step 3.

Affiliate Program

Now try to register for an affiliate program, which is run by many monster marketing companies. Here affiliate program is a type online marketing job for you. By selling those companies products, you will receive some percentage of profit.Earning Money on Facebook - step-3

Now start posting your goods item on your Facebook timeline. If you have 1000 friends in your friend list then at least 500 will click on that item and among 500 at least 5 people will show his or her complete interest in purchasing in those items. Remember the item you have posted have some embedded code, which uniquely identify about you and your affiliated account history. If any person buys your posted item, you will receive a percentage of selling cost of those items.

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Now it is only an example of its own kind. You can earn by Facebook by other means also. For example, if you have your own creation, and willing to sell in the open market, use the mention strategies. If you have an eBay account for a merchant, then above skills will be beneficial to you. Believe me, many people earn money this way.

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E-commerce platform can uplift  People’s income

E-commerce platform can change common people income
E-commerce platform can change common people income

A better business network bounces you from down to up. But these things well suited for corporate people. The Market is very important to sell goods. Now we are living in online market age. Online Market is a place where you can sell anything online. E-Commerce platform is the key tool to achieve the goal of online marketing. There are many platforms like amazon, eBay and many others.

So how Common people can get benefit from e-Commerce platform. Many people want to start their own business. But they do not have any idea how to get a customer.

Here I am giving you an example. A person having the skills of bamboo craft work. Bamboo craft work is very rare in most of places and loved by everyone. Bamboo craft work is very costly due to involvement of mediator between craft man and the customer, like shopper and goods distributor. And this is a big reason of craft man gets very less money. E-Commerce platform is a very promising place where craft man can sell their craft directly to the customer. A craft man only needs to fill the form of seller on those e-Commerce platforms and fulfill some common requirement. E-commerce platform may charge some little amount of craft man profit. In this way, craft man can control the goods price and customers get their goods at the proper price.,, and are the some big e-commerce platform, where you can start your own business. Remember, you can not only sell crafty goods here, but those all the things which are required by common people. In India some people start selling buffalo on eBay, so why not you can.