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Now you need of responsive website, why?

Now you need of responsive website, why?

responsive websiteNow you need of responsive website, why? There are many reason you should have responsive website from 2015. As we know, most of internet enabled devices goes tiny or small screen. Smart phone with different screen size are now in trend. Most of people search their things during walk on road with the help of mobile devices.

Google decided from 21st April 2015, they give priority for mobile friendly website to rank better. Means if website is responsive, search result shows top priority for mobile friendly website according to their ranking.

Responsive websites play a major role in collecting revenue from internet usability. Different devices have different view area (Viewport). In mobile devices non responsive design seems ugly, because we have to scroll more. May be user left site after seen that. Means Bounce rate goes increasing for your website. Webmaster tools account those act and rank the website accordingly. If you are using your website for revenue generation, obviously you will out rank.

There are many websites you can use to check your website is responsive or not.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test:


W3C Validator:

Here you can check your website responsiveness easily. MobiReady shows your website responsiveness at a time for different viewport.

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Link Building: A better approach for web ranking

Link Building: A better approach for web ranking

Link Building means increasing the quality of web page via inbound Links ( Backlinks) and outbound links. It is a part of SEO. It also affects your web PageRank and trust of content in that page. Better website inbound link acts better way to rank your page in search engines.Link Building

Backlinks or Inbound Links

Backlinks are your web page link which might be posted on another website. You can create backlinks by being a guest author on another website blog or by simply paste your web page URL in Facebook, twitter or Google social platform.

Outbound Links

Outbound links are very effective links for your web page content validity. While writing your blog or any information to website, must give references to other website. This way you can count the trust of visitors. Search engine never put your page in spam post and ranking goes better. You can apply anchor tags for your main keyword for outbound linking. This is affective way to make outbound link in your web page.

PageRank is very important to appear in first position in search result. Making Link building is not enough for website promotion. To Know how to promote your website, follow the link: Promoting Business Online.

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Online Marketing: A Basic Concept – What is it?

Online Marketing: A Basic Concept – What is it?

online marketingWhat is Online Marketing? The term Online Marketing means promoting web pages, web content or whole website over the internet. So where is marketing in this? If you are an internet surfer and eager to dig dipper for any type of information. If you can’t success to extract information, then what’s the purpose of internet?

Delivery of collective information to the end user over internet is the key concept of the online marketing. There are millions of websites or web portal. Every website has their own purpose to share the information to end users. End user searches the information via Google search, yahoo search or Bing search. They are the major search engine companies. These search engines provides information by analyzing content of website and list in their indexes. When any end user searches any information by entering text to that search engines, then company’s search engine shows the content with website URL in their search result according to ranking of related websites. It is very competitive to reach on the first page of the search result.

How can you do the Internet marketing?

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO).

Some technical knowledge of HTML and SEO requires.

  1. Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Delivering content of website on Facebook, twitter, Google+ and others social media websites

  1. Email marketing.

Sending Bulk Mail to Millions of people for promotion of any product

  1. Link building.

Posting links of your website to other websites

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC).

Costly but effective way to reach millions of people. Google adsense, Bid advertiser, Yahoo ads are major service provider companies.

These are the category of online marketing. By applying these concepts you can reach to first page of search engine result page. And off course all these practices comes in the online marketing.

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What is Mobile Phone marketing and what are their uses?

What is Mobile Phone marketing and what are their uses?

Mobile Phone marketing means reaching to millions of people through Mobile Phone devices for business purpose. If you own a mobile then business house must want to reach to you through those devices. Sending SMS to people for any product information is a concept of mobile marketing. Getting Picture video or images of ads during playing games on android mobiles or IOS mobile is a concept of mobile marketing.

Mobile Phone marketing

So, how many ways you can do mobile phone marketing? There are popularly 3 types of Mobile Phone marketing.

SMS Marketing: Sending bulk SMS is a good approach to reach millions of people. Serving information through SMS is a concept of SMS Marketing. It’s a pure commercial business. So you cannot do it with your own mobile phones. There are many rules and regulation imposed by government to do this part of business. In market there are many companies which are offering this type of services

Marketing via Mobile Phones Apps: Now android phone available to many people and they are using it widely. Google play Store has thousands of apps for free. If peoples are using those apps for free then there must be some ways that maker of those apps earn to run and maintain those apps. Yes Google AdSense and Facebook Mobiles Apps ads are the big brand name which facilitates those types of services. You can use those services for marketing purpose.

Marketing via Mobile Search and Social Media Subscriptions: Search engine likes Google search, Bing search and Yahoo Search offers this type of services. When user search any information on internet enabled mobile devices, based on behavior of searched data, geographical location, Gender and user previous search experience those companies shows some 3 to 5 ads on the top of the result screen of search.

Marketing through Social media subscription is new in trend. Twitter plays a major role in this type of services. If any user follows any account, updated content of those accounts directly goes to subscriber account via SMS medium. I know it because I am getting daily 5 to 6 ads messages from twitter.

To read More about Please follow the Link Mobile Phone Marketing over E-Mail Marketing