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How to reduce size of your website pages

How to reduce size of your website pages

Step1. How to reduce size of your website pages is the big question for flexibility of website. Use Third party APIs like Google fonts Picasa album. This is the main key to reduce the web page size.How to reduce size of your website pages

Step2. Use Amazon S3 for images storage. It is coming free upto 5 GB. If your website is not using too much images, then amazon s3 is the best option for accessing images from their storage space. Just develop API’s to upload your images in their server.  Due to trusted remote server location, Amazon S3 lightens up your website too much. They offer great speed of upload and transferring time.How to reduce size of your website pages

Step3. Use HTML5 and CSS3 instead of JavaScript or jQuery. Sometimes Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browse creates problem for loading JavaScript library. Heavy use of JavaScript requires good speed of internet and good rendering of browser. CSS3 comes with great feature, like CSS3 Animation and transition, CSS3 Gradients, easing property of CSS3 and much more.How to reduce size of your website pages

Step4. Avoid using images for border and shading property. Use CSS3 properties

Step5. Use responsive design instead of traditional design with fluid or without fluid.How to reduce size of your website pages

Now we are going to describe in brief. Google fonts API’s library is free to use. In Google fonts page every font collections have loading time and every fonts are beautiful to use. According to your needs you can use these fonts. Google fonts can be used for poster work if you are familiar with CSS concept.

Amazon S3 is providing some free services with some limitation. If you are using website with using multiple images, then you can use Amazon S3 storage services. Perhaps you need to develop some your own API’s to upload images directly from your website to their storage system and access those images to your website location.

With CSS3 you can give gradient to any text or background area. You can drop shadow to any box structure or images. You can animate any images by using CSS3, which was previously done by jQuery.

Responsive designs transform your website look according to display screen of devices. Either you are using computer display to see the website or you are using smart phone display to see the website, its transform its appearance according to size of viewport (visible are of display). In computer your website needs to upload with same volume which you have made. But in phone devices, volume shrinks because some images replaced with lighter one and some are gone hidden. For betterment of uploading speed of website, you must use responsive design.

~How to reduce size of your website pages~